Success stories: Zoella

Success stories: Zoella

Zoe Sugg -- better known on YouTube as Zoella -- has been on the platform since 2009, emerging as one of the leading YouTubers in the beauty and fashion vertical. About to embark on her own Zoella Beauty line and publish her first novels, she has become well known off the platform, but remains hugely engaged with her core audience on her YouTube channel. Here we outline four key strategies that drove Zoella to her current level of success.

The goals

The approach

The results

  • Build a community for beauty lovers on YouTube
  • Share a slice of life for others to enjoy
  • Grow views, subscribers, and watch-time
  • Engaged fans with authentic, personable content
  • Collaborated on a regular basis with a wide range of creators
  • 14.3M average video views monthly
  • Over 5.8M subscribers
  • 83.6M minutes average watch-time monthly
Case studies from successful creators

Zoella has built a huge, active fanbase on YouTube by creating authentic and engaging content that resonates with her audience. By working with others on the platform and by featuring on more traditional media outlets, she has grown this community further.