Making videos for social change

Creators on YouTube are in a unique position to generate positive social impact by creating meaningful dialogue around current topics and issues. Get the tools to help communicate your message on YouTube.

  1. Storytelling to make an impact

    Stories stick. Translate the cause you care about into a video. Learn a framework for telling stories on your channel that have social impact.

  2. Uploading and community management for social impact videos

    Give your videos a great chance of getting discovered with these tips and be prepared to have constructive conversations with your audience.

  3. Getting inspired to make a change

    YouTube channels are leading the way in sparking conversations online. Get inspired by creators who are producing content on important topics and making an impact. Learn how to do this on your channel and contribute your point of view on issues you care about.

  4. Researching and refining your message

    When making videos about social issues, it’s key to do research first. This helps build credibility and establish your point of view. Ensure your audience understands what you’re talking about with a clear message and give them an action to take.