Support your music career with YouTube

Support your music career with YouTube

Build your presence and fanbase on YouTube, understand how monetization and copyright work, and ultimately, grow your music and career.

  1. Make money with your music on YouTube

    When fans watch your content, you can get paid. Find out how to monetize your channel.

  2. Experiment with easy and interesting video ideas

    Fans are hungry for new and relevant content. Here’s a set of fast and convenient video ideas you can try out--even from your phone. These lightweight video formats allow you to get more content to your fans without the effort of creating a fully-polished music video.

  3. Build deeper connections with your fans

    Interacting with fans is part of your day-to-day experience and you can do it on YouTube no matter where you are in the world.

  4. Promote your tour, releases, and more

    Make the most of YouTube to promote upcoming milestones in your career. Plan your next tour with YouTube Music Insights and YouTube Analytics. Communicate key details of your tours and releases with your channel branding. And sell merch to your fans.

  5. Learn more about Official Artist Channels

    Official Artist Channels can bring together all of your content on YouTube onto one channel for the best experience for your fans.

  6. Know how music rights are managed on YouTube

    Copyright is an important topic for anyone who uploads videos to YouTube. Learn about music copyright, cover songs, and YouTube’s Content ID system for rights management.